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Kenya: How Toyotsu became the favorite car store of Kenya’s elite

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By Elvis Ondieki

There was a time when buying used cars in Kenya was like driving on an undefeated path. You didn’t know if you were going to land in a hole or have a puncture, or surprisingly sail to the end without incident.

The market has been characterized by a lot of trial and error. Some people got great deals, while others ran out of change and mourned the money they lost.

Then came Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya, which is part of the Toyota Tsusho Corporation / CFAO group and a subsidiary of Toyota Kenya.

Its entry into the Kenyan market in 2012 made the ignition key a new chapter in the field. It came with a philosophy of integrity and transparency, attention to detail, an emphasis on extensive pre-import checks, and a culture of talking to customers even after purchase.

With these, Toyotsu has entered the hearts of Kenyans from all segments of the economy, mainly those looking for used cars.

Those looking for used cars from Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi, among other brands, have found Toyotsu Auto Mart their go-to place.

Nine years later, Toyotsu has sold over 8,000 used cars and serviced over 38,000 units. It also has a modern showroom and an ever-growing clientele.

Kenya’s elite with a taste for high-end SUVs, especially the Landcruiser V8 and Prado, have also developed a soft spot for Toyotsu.

Ms. Rebecca Ngigi, Marketing Manager at Toyotsu, said that a number of CEOs, CEOs, MPs and senior officials are among those who buy cars in Toyotsu. And they keep coming back.

Ms. Ngigi explains that Toyotsu has cultivated its appeal to the Kenyan elite by showing professionalism.

“He is a customer who cares about value for money and quality. Some of the things we don’t compromise on are the quality of the imported vehicles. We confirmed the actual mileage and accident free status, and that was very critical for us, ”she said.

“We have to inspect the vehicle to the extent that we are giving a guarantee to the customer, because we are completely confident that the vehicle we are offering them is of good quality,” Ms. Ngigi adds.

She notes that when a car is within the warranty period – usually between two months and one year – Toyotsu fixes any issues that might arise during that period.

In addition, Toyotsu is offering one-year FREE roadside assistance in partnership with AA Kenya to provide its customers with important peace of mind.

The aspect of the exchanges also helped make Toyotsu the favorite. The elite love to drive the latest cars on the market and Toyotsu has been big on it.

“Normally these are people who really want to be ahead of their game. So if there’s a new model in town, they’re going to want to be the first to buy it. Let’s say they have a Prado 2015 model and there is a 2020 available: we let them have the 2015 model, hassle free. What happens is we do an appraisal of the current vehicle and make an offer which becomes a deposit, which they supplement to get the new car, ”Ms. Ngigi explains.

Toyotsu undertakes to have any car brought in for recovery within 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays) valued.

Another driver of Toyotsu’s appeal to the Kenyan elite has been the insistence on sourcing spare parts from reputable sources. “We work in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure that we provide the used car customer with good quality parts,” Ms. Ngigi emphasizes.

This is the reason, she adds, why those who buy and maintain cars at Toyotsu maintain a high resale value.

This advantage is set to grow stronger with the planned launch of a loyalty program in August 2021, through which Toyotsu customers will receive lifetime discounts on after-sales services.

There are other contributing factors as well, including assigning a dedicated sales advisor to a customer to contact in the event of a problem.

The other factor is the Toyotsu showroom. “It is a modern vehicle. The elite class find it advantageous and safe to continue their office work while maintaining their vehicle,” Ms. Ngigi explains.

Due to these factors, Toyotsu continues to get good reviews. Reviews on Google, made by customers who have visited the showroom, are one example. A customer typed in June 2021: “An incredible setup, meeting all of your automotive needs.” Another wrote in May: “Very welcoming … I love the way they treat their customers.”

Then there is one who wrote in April: “The customer service is excellent. This is a place where you would like to buy your first vehicle.

You can get an idea of ​​what Toyotsu is by watching the videos on their YouTube channel.

Or, if you would like to browse the website to see some of the cars on sale along with their prices and specifications, click here.

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