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Direct Lender vs. Mortgage Broker

Editorial independence We want to help you make more informed decisions. Certain links on this page – clearly marked – may direct you to a partner website and allow us to earn a referral commission. For more information, see How we make money. This is one of the most important decisions you will make as […]

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How to negotiate the price of a car online

If there’s one thing people universally hate, it’s haggling over the price of a car. Typical consumers know they are unskilled in the process, and many find this embarrassing and even nerve-wracking. What price should I offer? Am I going to pay too much? Will the seller think I’m a fool? Such questions fill the […]

Car price

US All-Electric Car Price Comparison – February 24, 2021

Let’s take a look at the prices of all-electric cars in the US market. As always, we’ll focus on the effective price, which is the MSRP plus destination charges and minus the allowable federal tax credit. This is just a starting point, as in many cases customers can count on additional incentives and discounts/discounts. In […]