Car repair

Americans may be overconfident in their auto repair appraisal abilities

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) — Keeping a car running for a good period of time again requires maintenance from time to time.

While eight in ten Americans are confident they know when that time is right, more than half say someone else notices their problems first. Usually a spouse or parent.

Now auto repair shops are busy working on a full load of cars a day, from the wheels to what’s under the hood and everything in between.

Weston Chapman, owner of Black Hills Tires, often says that a car will be brought in because of what at first glance looks like something extreme, but in reality it’s rather minor, because “they might think they have an alignment problem. They might think they have an engine problem, because they are getting poor gas mileage. Simple things like that, and it’s just low tire pressure.

On the contrary, while some may be overly cautious, he says others just ignore the rear rattle that seems to get louder and “they just keep driving it and keep driving it. The old theory turns on the radio.

Maybe that’s why sometimes someone else will notice the problems first, because they have become so familiar with the problem that they have gradually progressed over time.

“I really think a lot of things that happen to a vehicle happen so slowly that a person who drives it every day won’t notice it,” Chapman explains, “and drives it until, literally, it has to. being towed to the store for repair.”

When it’s not someone else letting you know your car seems a little broken, he says maybe it’s that pesky check engine light flashing on the dash, that ” literally hundreds of things can cause this. So whenever you get this you really want to have it, not just scanned, but really diagnosed by a professional shop. So you can figure out what is causing this.

As cars get more complex, understanding the plethora of different things that could be wrong requires all sorts of tools, gadgets, and gadgets just to get an idea. As this progresses, he says a heavier weight is being placed on professional workshops as it becomes more and more difficult “for someone to fix them themselves, a type of garden mechanic” .

In other words, while being a mechanic is handy, Chapman says, “your brain is your most important tool. For sure.”

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