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Auto shop owners give tips on how to save gas

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – With gas prices rising, people are looking for ways to save money.

According to Brett Beachler, vice president of Beachler’s Vehicle & Repair, there are habits that drivers aren’t aware of that impact on gas mileage.

“One of the main functions is their foot weight, the second function would be useful to keep the tires inflated all the time,” Beachler said.

Although cars built today don’t have parts that cause lower gas mileage, Beachler said there are still some factors drivers can’t control, like the weather.

“As the ambient temperature decreases, your fuel economy naturally decreases,” Beachler said.

There are some things drivers can do to save a few bucks, Doug’s Automotive owner Doug Orwig said the number one way to save gas is to drive with ease.

“If you go to 80 or 85, you slow down to 70 or 72, you’ll probably save 17 percent gas,” Orwig said.

Orwig also said that if you have errands, try to plan them around each other.

“If you have a place to go, don’t make it a Monday and a Wednesday. Plan things out and go out and back and go 10 miles instead of 40,” Orwig said.

According to AAA Gas Prices, the current average price of a gallon of gasoline in Illinois is $4.49.