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Phoenix Auto Shop Owner Recommends Prepping Vehicle For Monsoon Storms

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Monsoon storms often hit in the morning and evening when many of us are on the move. So you need to be prepared for anything, including torrential downpours and blinding dust storms. The last thing you want is car trouble in the middle of a street that’s starting to flood.

Arizona Family First Alert weatherman Ian Schwartz stopped by Mazvo Auto Car to talk to owner Shahe Koulloukian about the car’s preparations ahead of storm season. He said a battery check now can save you trouble later. Our brutal heat beats them much harder than other states with mild summers.

“Anything two to two and a half years old should be replaced,” he said. “Because batteries really don’t have any warning signs. One day they’re great, then 24 hours later they can go completely dead. If you forget how old your battery is, it’s not serious, he said. Just check the side of the battery for the month and year to make sure it’s not getting too old.

Windshield wipers might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to rain, but Arizona goes months without a drop in the state. As a result, our extreme heat can dry out and fry blades that have been sitting idle. “What they do is they peel, just like a banana they will peel,” Koulloukian said. “So if you lift it up and stir it, and all of a sudden it starts to separate and peel like a banana peel, that’s bad.”

He added that tires are the lifeblood of a vehicle. Tire maintenance is a good idea throughout the year, but especially before our summer monsoon. Bald tires could cause you to hydroplane and crash. And when it comes to heat, no one wants to change apartments in 118 degrees. “The general rule is that anything five years or older should be replaced,” Koulloukian said.