Car repair

Plans to convert a Newmill Farm unit into an auto repair business

PLANS are pending approval to convert an agricultural storage unit into a car repair and maintenance business.

The change of use application has been submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval and involves an agricultural storage unit on Newmill Farm.

Supporting statements prepared by the plaintiff stated: “The farm no longer uses the building for agricultural purposes and has leased the building to a local auto mechanic to perform general maintenance and repair of cars and small vans.

“This brings a redundant building back into service and provides a local employment opportunity. He also takes care of the maintenance and repair of agricultural vehicles without having to leave the farm.

The claimant, Mr Haile, said the existing access to the Ponsonby farm is suitable to serve the farm and the new car repair business planned there.

The change of use request for the 300 square meter site does not require any construction work or change of appearance.

Business hours will be Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Eight parking spaces are already in place on the site and the request does not imply any change. The number of full-time farm employees will also remain the same.

John Reed is treating the application as agent and the plan does not involve any designated sites, important habitats or other biodiversity features.

There are no protected or priority species in the area or features of importance for geological conservation.

All commercial waste such as engine oil will be collected and disposed of commercially.

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval.

The planning committee takes into account all comments of support or objection to the plans when rendering its verdict.

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