Car repair

Small Town Car Repair makes services available at all times

What sets Small Town Auto Repair apart from auto garages is its ability to give customers time when they need something done quickly.

Longtime resident Josh Foxworthy opened Small Town Auto Repair to help customers whenever they need help.

He said what motivated him to go into business was a desire to provide better customer service and use his available free time to serve others. Foxworthy said he would always like to be there “whenever someone needs something done right away”.

Foxworthy explained that although the process of building his business was a learning curve, great interactions between him and his clientele led him to believe he is on the right path to success.

Operating the business since last November, Foxworthy offers repairs and services including oil changes, tune-ups and repairs to suspension, brakes and fuel pumps.

Influenced by a dedication to customer service, Foxworthy said he would be there to help residents become more aware of Small Town Auto Repair.

He added that his business has been stable over the past few months, receiving work “here and there”. However, he sees Small Town Auto Repair expanding very soon. With many of his customers indicating their wait time issues with other car services, he said he tries to keep an open schedule.

“A lot of people who come here and say there’s a wait time even for an oil change or something,” Foxworthy said. “I keep enough schedules between my books and my appointments where if you come in with a minor headlight change, oil change, brake job, I can fix you the same day.”