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Vandals Cause Thousands of Damage to Sun Prairie Auto Repair and Towing Business | motor vehicle

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) — Vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage to a Sun Prairie car repair and towing business. The police need your help to find those responsible.

David Sweet was amazed to learn his trade, Madison Auto Repair and Towinghad been vandalized early Wednesday morning.

“We have a bunch of flat tires on customer vehicles and vehicles we own,” Sweet said.

Sweet’s security cameras captured at least two suspects running onto his property and taking off in a white car, but not without leaving behind extensive damage to both company and customer cars.

“That’s probably easily $25,000 in damage out of a total of 11 vehicles. I think it’s 24 or 25 flat tires, a cut convertible sunroof. I mean, it’s a roof $5,000 alone,” said store manager Max Rolf.

The company’s main tow truck was painted pink and had so many cut wires that the vehicle is now unusable.

It wasn’t just people vandalizing cars, Rolf says it was a pretty sophisticated attack.

“They cut the wiring in the back of my truck for the lights. They ripped the fuse panel out of the dash. So whoever did it had know-how and a reason to come and harm my company by shooting down one of my fleet,” Rolf said.

Max’s anger is mixed with confusion over what the vandals left behind.

“They could have easily walked away with over $1,000 worth of valuables in that one truck. A jump box that’s worth $300,” Rolf said.

It’s not just cut wires and flat tires that keep this tow truck from working. The truck’s hefty insurance deductible could put this store out of business

“We’re expecting about $12,000 out of pocket on franchises to deal with the whole situation, which is unfortunate. It’s, it’s a huge amount of money for us as a small business,” said Sweet.

Despite this major financial setback, Sweet says taking care of its customers and employees is its top priority.

“They’ve all been with me for about as long as we’ve been open and you know, it’s tough when you’re paying 90% of what you make a month in payroll, and pocketing a bit for yourself, take it home at the end of the day, and there’s not much left,” Sweet said.

Shop owners are offering a $500 reward for tips that help identify suspects. You can call them directly at 608-852-4982.

Madison Auto Repair and Towing has a GoFundMe established because their insurance company does not cover any of the damage except damage to the tow truck.

Detectives say they have information on possible suspects and are investigating all leads.

Anyone with information should contact the Sun Prairie Police Department non-emergency line at (608) 837-7336.